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Stairway to Heaven - 64" x 48" - Acrylic on canvas

Jill Hungerford has been a working artist for over 25 years.  She expresses a strong sense of color and drama while blending design and imagination with technical ability.  Her diverse style and mastery over numerous mediums makes Jill’s work perfect for both individuals and commercial customers.  Jill specializes in commissioned work.  

Residential commissioned mural by Jill Hungerford:  Greece

Jill’s strength lies in her ability to work with a client on a project and to come up with what they imagined or wished for.  Clients are amazed and delighted at Jill’s ability to understand and create original artwork when given a free rein to create truly unique and original paintings.  Projects that require specific parameters and design specifications and original artwork are both specialties of Jill’s.  Please contact the artist directly to purchase her work.  Email: JillHungerford@att.net or by Phone: 216-548-2736.
Universe                                                                        Universe 2 

Jill Hungerford creates paintings and murals by using all mediu
ms.  She also paints on silk; creating large format artwork and silk paintings as well as large format screens, and wearable art.  Her style and sense of color and design ignite Jill’s artwork with emotions and feelings and a sensitivity to the beauty of the world around her. 

                Santorini Patio - 72" x 54"                                      Gateway - 36' x 24"

Sports Mural painted for a Cleveland, Oh. Sports Bar.   -   20' x 7'

Jill strives to allow her feelings and intuition to influence the work as it progresses. 
The final result is fresh, vital and original artwork.

Shaman's Mask - 8' x 6'

Flamingos - 8' x 6'

Eye Of God - 7' x 5'



Rust Belt

Where Are They Now?
Painted at Age 12 - Charcoal

Golf Course Series

Golf Course Series

Teluride Golf Course

Inverness Golf Course

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Poppy:  3' x 3'

Red Poppy: 3' x 4'



Bird's Eye View


Pillars of Light

Canterbury Golf Course

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