Jill Hungerford
                   Commissioned Interior and Exterior Murals
                                                     Commercial and Residential

Roman Powder Room - Ceiling and Walls

Details of Roman Powder Room 

Residential Commission: Greece

Greece Mural

Residential Commisssion:  Flamingo Family Room

Sopranos Mural 12' x 6'

Sports Bar Mural  - 16' x 8'

Cleveland Museum of Art
Museum Cafe Mural  -  Venetian Mural

Family Room Mural  -  26' x 6'

Kitchen Murals   

Kitchen  Murals

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Italian Restaurant Mural                          Moraccan Restaurant Mural

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Large Mural for Moroccan Restaurant - 30' x  12'

Family Room Mural and Faux Walls

Family Room Mural - Detail 

Basement Mural - 16' x 7'

Office Faux Painted Walls and Painting

Child's Bedroom

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Lake Erie Tepees

400 foot concrete retaining wall to Lake Erie

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